Folding Carton Systems

Bernal’s Folding Carton Rotary Systems

We manufacture a complete line of folding carton rotary systems for in-line (with virtually any type of printing press) or off-line use. Our rotary cutting systems integrate all the post-press operations required to register to printed board, then crease, die cut and stack finished cartons all while accommodating today’s ever-increasing press speeds.

Our expertise and wealth of rotary die cutting experience guarantee state-of-the-art designs and implementation of unwinds, prefeeds, decurls, cutter infeeds, rotary die modules, skew belts, shingle deliveries, fan-wheel stackers, and receding pile stackers.

We take full responsibility for your entire project, from initial design, equipment construction, and continuing on with service and ongoing customer support. This includes working with you and your team on designing new applications for the ever-evolving folding carton industry.

The folding carton systems Bernal offers achieve the highest speeds and efficiencies possible today. We’re constantly building upon our tradition of excellence to gain even more speed and efficiency in the systems we’ll create tomorrow.

When used inline with a printing press our many standard designs let us configure the right system for your specific press, whether it is flexographic, gravure or offset. We’ve proven time and again our dedication to the highest standard of performance through hundreds of installations worldwide.

So Why Choose Bernal?

  • Fastest changeovers in the industry
  • Highest speeds
  • Significantly reduced scrap rates
  • Increased press capacity
  • Lowest cost-per-thousand
  • Expert die maintenance, repair, and service
Rotary System - Folding Carton
Folding Carton System

Bernal Rotary Cutter Creaser Configurations

  • We design, build, install and service complete folding carton cutting systems around the globe. In our experience, the design of the cutter base unit, module, and the stacker configuration are all equally critical.
  • Bernal’s proven module designs include floor-mounted roll-in styles, base-mounted roll-in styles, and lift-in styles.
  • We create both mechanical and electronic cutter drives to suit the needs of a given business. Stacker options include fan- wheel and receding pile for both long and short cartons.
  • In addition to complete systems, Bernal offers individual rotary cutter creasers for seamless integration with your current system.

Bernal Rotary Cutter Creaser Configurations

  • Speeds of up to 1,500 fpm (457 mpm)
  • Widths as narrow as 12” and as wide as 80” (304.8mm to 2032mm)
  • Registration accuracy to 0.005″ (.013cm)
  • Maximum die life module designs
  • Carton repeats from 4” to 80”
  • 10-minute changeovers
  • State-of-the-art ELS drive systems

Just Some of the Products Die-Cut by Bernal Rotary Folding Carton Systems

  • Gable Top Packaging
  • Aseptic Packaging and Pouches
  • Beverage Carriers
  • Frozen Food Cartons
  • Paper Cups
  • Cereal Cartons
  • Overnight Mailer Envelopes
  • Cigarette Cartons
  • Liquor Cartons
  • Fast Food Cartons
  • General Folding Cartons
  • And many more…

Bernal Systems can do some amazing things.



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